10 People Who Never Took ‘No’ For An Answer

There’s something to be said for facing down the haters and just doing your own thing. But there’s also something to be said for realizing that not everyone’s a hater.

Sometimes, those people shouting “no” are right and are trying to set you back on something like a normal path.

Everyone’s got their own way of making food the way they like it. This guy’s method is the only one I know that’s pretty much guaranteed to give you botulism.
I’m also a bit bothered that this Facebook group is called “Implying we can discuss food.” I’m implying this guy shouldn’t.


It probably says a lot about someone that this is the first thought they go to when they’re grumpy about not being able to make popcorn.
Sure, it seems like the school’s got weird rules, but have you ever been in an office where, once again, Brett from accounting left the popcorn in too long and nearly burned the whole place down?


Clearly, we need to find some other inexpensive food for these millennials to eat, because they absolutely cannot be trusted with ramen any more.

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