10 People Who Know What Really Matters

We’re inevitably gonna come across something that doesn’t really matter but bothers us to no end anyway.

And yet, we all know at least one person who’s never bothered by anything.

If you’ve known them a while, you know they didn’t train to become a Zen master, so what gives?

Well, they’re just really heavily focused on the important things in life.

1. There we go, that’s definitely how you use the old noodle when things aren’t working out.


If this doesn’t remind us all that life finds a way, I don’t what will. Now nobody’s stuck having to find witnesses that they were there.

2. Hey, if you had to be that fluffy all the time, you wouldn’t wanna get wet either.


Ruining an alpaca is just about the worst thing you can do in this life, so there ain’t no way she wanted to catch that kind of karma.

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