10 People Who Have Pretty Much Just Given Up

As a veteran giver-upper, I can relate to what’s going on in a lot of these photos. Sure, it’s not the best feeling when everyone stares at you with “is she even trying anymore?” in their eyes, but who are they to judge? I’m sure they’ve given up once or twice in their day, too.

Here are some photos of people who said “enough is enough.”

1. He gets points for creativity.
Come on man, you can thrift a suit jacket for like, five dollars. Also, I might recommend a color adjustment on that final photo so that your potential employer doesn’t think you’re a distant relative of Papa Smurf.


2. This picture is like a metaphor for my emotional state.
Cold, hard, crumbling, and very haphazardly held together. This person had one job, and suffice it to say that…well, I guess it was technically completed. But not very well.


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