10 People Who Had Good Intentions But Failed

There is literally nothing worse than having a damn good plan only to watch it burn to the ground in front of you. Or trying to be a good person and regretting it INSTANTLY, wishing you remained the petty betch you were born to be.

These 10 people can relate to your sweet lost soul. These 14 people had some good intentions but failed so, so miserably.

1. Why is this liiiterally me, lol.
I tell myself I’m going to the gym DEADASS everyday and yet here I am, sans pants, eating leftover Thai food.

But like, I could technically do this all these at a gym too, so???


2. Sports are like, super important to some people (???) and TBH I am offended for them!
Can I tell the difference between a basketball, football and/or soccer ball?? No.

BUT I do know this ball is JANKY and incorrect.


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