10 People That Won’t Be Stopped From Living Their Truth

I think at this point, we should know that we’re all kind of flawed and weird.

Once upon a time, most people thought there was a “normal” they had to fit into — but everybody who supposedly did was just really good at hiding their weirdness.

So it’s no surprise that the folks on this list would just skip that step and be themselves.

Of course, it helps a lot when your truth is something everybody wants to be.
Most of all, I wish I liked mowing the lawn so much that even a tornado couldn’t stop me from doing it.


Well, this is what they get for not just letting you hold the wedding there.
I mean, whose special day is it supposed to be, right? You can’t forget to invite the most important guest!


Uh…the only one who’s properly dressed?
Honestly, how are the rest of them supposed to protect their secret identities without superhero masks?

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