10 People Having One Heck Of A Day

We all make mistakes or have things happen to us that are completely out of our control, but sometimes what happens to us can take our day from being so cute and fun to literally the worst thing ever.

Unfortunately, these people experienced just that. So, if you thought you were having a bad day, take a seat because you’re about to realize how good you have it.

Imagine you spent the whole day doing a fantastic paint job, only to have to ruin it.
I can feel his pain and sadness through this picture. I am heartbroken for him.


Imagine waking up to this.
You could have been having the absolute best day ever. You could’ve met your favorite celebrity or won the lottery and this will still make you have the absolute worst day ever.


The ceiling is about to go into labour??!?
It’s about to pop, and once it does, it’s gonna be real messy for the poor folks living here. Imagine waking up knowing your ceiling is ready to ruin your life?


Have you ever felt more disappointed in anything, ever?
Imagine putting in so much love and effort into growing this massive thing, anticipating how sweet and delicious it’ll be, only to get this?!?


I just came here for a good time and now I feel attacked.
Sometimes, all you want is a little snack to make a bad day go better. “Sorry, not today, sweetie” —The Snack.


But even if you make it through the work day successfully, there’s always that post-work messiness that you can’t avoid.
And just when you were feeling thankful that you got through one day without anything going wrong…


How does this even happen?
Like, this car is truly under there. It’s not even a little bit stuck under the truck, it’s A LOT stuck under there. All I know is this driver is in for a long day.


And speaking of things going sour on the job…
The worst thing about this is that unless you clean this mistake really well, the place is gonna smell hella funky for weeks to come. Then you’ll be having one heck of a couple weeks…


Well, there goes my dinner.
I’m not that into salads in the first place, but this just breaks my heart. SALADS ARE EXPENSIVE!!! And in this economy, this would just ruin my whole day.


The only thing worse than ruining your salad is ruining your PIZZA.
I am heartbroken, you guys. Personally, I didn’t actually care about what happened to that salad, but this just feels like a personal attack.