10 Peeps Who Engineered Their Own Fixes

We’re not all professional handymen and handywomen. But sometimes, you need a quick solution to a problem and need to think on your feet.

These amateur DIY projects can be simple or complicated. They can also be successful or horribly, hilariously unsuccessful. The most important thing is to be creative and confident enough to engineer your own solutions to life’s little problems. Or something like that.

1. If you know of a better source of cardboard, I’d like to hear it.
When you need to patch a window fast, there’s no more economical source of cardboard than a Little Caesar’s cheap-ass pizza.


2. When you want the slide to be more exciting.
Instruction booklets are just suggestions anyway, right? Remixing the whole slide concept is sure to bring kids the excitement and concussions they crave.


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