10 Of The ‘Worst’ Fashion Trends, Rated

Some terrible trends are worth the flak they get, but others are unfairly criticized. To separate out the truly terrible from the merely tacky, we’ve completed ten of the “worst” fashion trends, and rated them for how bad they actually are!

1. Strapless Dresses: You know, a lot of people say that God doesn’t make mistakes, but they’re clearly ignoring dresses that necessitate wearing strapless bras. Not convinced? Remember when you’d wear one of these to a party, and you had to spend half the evening surreptitiously pulling it up so that you didn’t accidentally pull a Janet Jackson? 2/8, and I’m being nice here.


2. Bell Bottoms: Look, I know they’re a nice look! I know they’re a cool throwback to the 70’s and disco culture, both of which are objectively good things! But don’t come crying to me when your pant leg catches in your bike chain and you’re flung halfway across the street. 5/8


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