10 Of The Most Interesting Pictures On The Internet

Well you’ve made it through the start of the week, and you’re still alive and kicking. The weekend countdown may just have started ticking, but you’re well on your way to another glorious couple of days in your underwear hiding from all responsibility. In the meantime, these quick laughs should keep you going!
The fact that he turned the hanger might be no big deal, but it just shows his commitment to sales.

Judging by the looks on everyone else’s faces, it wasn’t much of a hockey game to begin with…

Wait a minute! Did they test drive the USS Enterprise?

When you try to help a foxy friend take a Tinder pic…

She will be waiting forever, there are dinosaurs at the front who still haven’t been served.

See the ball, feel the ball, BE the ball!

When Ellen met Katy.

Tall people problems.

There’s true love out there for everyone.

Can’t argue with that kind of kid logic.