10 Mistakes That We Would Never Own Up To

I am forever grateful that none of my mistakes have been captured on camera and thrown around on the internet for others to laugh at. That I know of. But I’m even more grateful it happens to others so I know that when I mess up, it’s really not that bad.

1. Both writing and sending this note, and thinking it would work even a little bit
Katie my girl, you are brilliant. Whoever wrote this note should have immediately thrown it into the nearest trash bin, but at least it’s available for all to see how not to ask out a woman.


2. This giant spill of a mess that definitely ended in someone never wanting to look at paint again
I don’t even think they went back to buy more. They just accepted that they were defeated, and went about the rest of their life. Because that’s exactly what I would have done, after shedding a few tears of course.


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