10 Kitchen Cleanliness Habits You Should Apply Immediately

For the homemakers, kitchen is the synonym for heaven as it is there where the recipe for happiness is prepared. On the quite opposite, it can all take a bad turn if you do not maintain proper kitchen cleanliness. Unhygienic kitchen is directly proportional to diseases. You might as well be eating bacteria instead of those tasty cuisines.
Have you ever cleaned your reusable bags? No? Wonderful!
Please start doing that now as you put all your grocery and eatables from the store in them.

You need to clean your water filter as regularly.

If you are using soap and water to clean your cutting board, you are doing it wrong.
Guys, you really need to up your game here. You cut raw meant on that board, soap and water just won’t do. You will have to employ disinfectant as well.

Air drying cast iron pan? Well, that is one way to accelerate the rusting process.

An all purpose cleaner just won’t bring the shine you desire on the stainless steel. You will have to purchase one that is specifically manufactured for it.

While organizing your spoons in the dishwasher, shuffle them by putting some hands up and other hands down. This way they will be cleaned better.

Coffee makers need some cleaning too, fellas. Be sure to wash and descale the nozzle once a month.

Flush the garbage disposals at regular intervals.

Never put your knives in the dishwasher. Hand wash and dry them out.

Clean the knobs and handles everyday to keep them free of germs.