10 Kids Just Wrecking Literally Everything

Unlike Kylie Jenner, I can’t be in my early 20s and have a baby. The main reason is that I’m too broke, and I’ve killed three cacti in the past two weeks. Yes, cacti, which usually require the least amount of maintenance. Dead. Because of my incompetence.

So, yeah, I can’t really have kids. Also, this article reminded me that I’m probably gonna wait it out several decades before I consider having kids.

1. Oh, how considerate of you, Gracie!
She’s so sweet. She let her dad know what to expect, did her best to keep the situation under control with that towel, and left a little spell-check note to make sure her dad really knows what’s up.


2. American Horror Story: Season 8.
Someone call Ryan Murphy, because this girl’s gotta be the inspiration for the next season of American Horror Story. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d definitely tune in.


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