10 Honest Pictures Of Russia You’ll Never See On Postcards By Street Photographer Alexander Petrosyan

Photographer Alexander Petrosyan has spent years and years discovering and documenting infinite layers of St. Petersburg. His wide collection – not only beautiful, but also grotesque – invites outsiders to step inside the raw and unpredictable streets and experience them without a filter, common for polished postcards or travel documentaries.

Petrosyan received his first camera as a birthday present when he was 12, but he quit and came back to photography multiple times, before finally turning professional in 2000. His biggest inspiration comes from the streets of St. Petersburg, where he has lived his whole life. From the times of the Russian Empire, to the near destruction during World War II, and the rebirth under Vladimir Putin – the city is full of history, and Alexander knows every corner of it by heart. “This is my world,” he says.

Now a full-time photojournalist, Alexander doesn’t leave his home without a camera and a backup battery. “Perception depends on many different factors,” he says. “But if the picture is taken with a certain energy, the viewer will feel it, regardless of geography and culture.”




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