10 Home Jobs That Shoulda Been Left To The Pros

Fixing stuff these days is so pricey. It seems silly to pay for a pro to do it when there are a wealth of DIY videos on the internet. I mean, with the right amount of duct tape and some plywood, who needs to hire a professional, am I right? With the wealth of knowledge of the entire internet at your disposal, it’s hard to screw it up.

And yet…

1. When you want the beautiful tinkling of wind chimes…
…But you also want everyone to know you’re what happens when Axe body spray makes people. This windchime says, “I like Duck Dynasty and have more than six sets of wrenches.” Yikes.


2. Great idea, bad execution.
Anyone who’s worn Converse during even light snow knows that these are going to get soaked and gross ten minutes into going outside, even if you kick the snow away first. And then, not only do you have wet feet, you’ve probably also tripped about eighty times.


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