10 Dollar Tree Hacks That’ll Make Cleaning And Organizing A Breeze (Video)

Only a few things in life are guaranteed, and lucky for us, one of them is amazing deals at the dollar store.

I know there was a time when the thought of buying anything from a dollar store was questionable, but things have changed over the last few years and people like me are reaping the benefits. Every time I walk into my local dollar store, I’m blown away not only by its variety, but also its quality!


If you’re still not convinced that the dollar store is the place to be, perhaps I can win you over by showcasing just a few examples of how awesome these one-stop deal shops really are.

First, if you’re sick and tired of wasting money on things like Swiffer refills, did you know you can pick up a pack of fuzzy socks and use them to clean your floors instead? Once the job is finished, simply toss the sock in the wash and it’ll be ready to reuse in no time.

Or how about those of us who have a hard time keeping our vehicles clean? What can the dollar store do for us? Well, if you pick up a pack of Command hooks (yes, those are available at the dollar store), and a small gift bag, you can use them to create a simple but effective trash bin for your car. When the bag has had its fill, simply bring it inside to be emptied, and then place it back on your trusty Command hook.

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