10 Crazy Ideas That Actually Worked Out Well

Sometimes, absolutely genius ideas can come from the most unexpected places. Everything from Post-It Notes to Silly Putty to the humble Slinky came about because of unorthodox thinking.

The innovation continues to this day. There’s a whole world of unorthodox ideas that wind up working out perfectly.

1. Outlet with built-in extension cord
Extension cords are super handy, and it seems like you never have enough. But they’re also unsightly and a pain to keep stored away, but still accessible.

This prototype power outlet allows the user to unscrew the plug, unwinding a hidden extension cord. When not in use, it coils right back into the wall.


2. City lights blackout curtains
Putting a bunch of tiny holes into blackout curtains doesn’t sound like a good idea, but the end result can be genius.

These curtains block out most of the bright sunlight, but their creative design allows just enough in to provide a bit of light — along with a pretty cool cityscape.


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