10 Celebrities That Had Mental Disorders You Didn’t Know About

In modern age, levels of stress are exponentially rising and with that, more and more mental disorders are happening to people. So with that, we all have a chance to get some mental disorder or to even have one and not know about it. But if we can get it, it doesn’t mean that celebrities can’t get one. Here are 10 celebrities that had mental disorders:

1. Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD, when at the young age of 9.

2. Catherine Zeta Jones. Bipolar II Disorder. She is now struggling to eliminate the stigma people suffering from bipolar disorder are faced with. Тhe difference between BP-I and BP-II is that in the case of BP-II, people rarely experience full mania.

3. Emma Thompson has been struggling with clinical depression, but she managed to overcome it by focusing on her career.

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