10 Amazing Shadows That Will Change Your Worldview

Have you ever observed something following when going for a walk or standing in the rays of the sun? We believe you know what we are talking about. Yes, Shadows, the dark side of any object or human and even animals do have it.
How do they get formed? What is their source? Science was able to answer these questions for us. Shadows appear when rays of light get blocked by any object. It takes its own shape depending on the angle from which rays are coming.
Have you ever seen any shadow which does not look like it should? At times they tend to move out and forge our identity to make one of its own.
We have compiled a list of amazing looking shadows that will change the way you think.
That’s A Piano
Feeling Bored. Step out and look at this shadow taking up an amazing shape of a piano. Isn’t Life Beautiful?
A Dog or A Wolf
Heard of Jekyll and Hyde Story? Both were same persons but with different identities. This dog seems to be a silent one but the shadow will give you goosebumps.
Tunes of Sand

The dirt sand that gets accumulated on car window turned itself into scenic mountains.
A New City
The aerial view of this cargo ship is similar to a city with high rise towers.
There is No Cat

The opened window reflecting the shape of a cat. Enough to scare you if you don’t have any pet in the house.
Animals Too Have It
This giraffe shadow looks like a unicorn. That’s not any artwork.
Unexpected Results

Somebody is watching this guy work. Surprisingly, that’s his own shadow looking like a dog sitting in a corner.
Who is Imitating Whom
We daily brush our teeth without imagining that even toothbrush can start to imitate you. Look at this shadow of a brush.
An Incredible Looking Creature

A Leaf looks good when bonded to its branch. Don’t be afraid if its shadow takes the shape of a dragon.
These Girls Might Be Violent
Two friendly girls walking down the lane may possess human behavior but their dark side is horrifying.